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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:38 am • # 21 
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Fishnmack wrote:
Two patterns that have worked very well in my area of South Texas have been the Llano Bug and the Triangle Bug. Both patterns use sheets of craft foam and can be modified to no end. The Half Drowned Hopper has also worked wonderfully well (thank you for that tutorial!).

The Llano Bug is another one that has been on my list for a while now. I have a hunch it would be a killer on some of the small streams I fish for spotted bass and sunfish. I'll definitely add it to the list!

Also, happy to hear the Half-Drowned Hopper has been working out for you. What sizes and colors have you been tying it in?


PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 11:33 am • # 22 
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I enjoy tying flies, so I'll always have too many. I've given away entire collections before, just so I could tie new stuff up.

I'm beginning to think about reducing my warm water selection down to 6 or 8 patterns in varied sizes & colors to simplify things and focus more on technique than pattern. I don't think I'll *actually* get it down to that many, because again, I like tying flies and creating new stuff but its a goal.

The must-have patterns in my box now would be:

Woolly Bugger
Sex Dungeon
A pattern I call the "Lyin' Jerk" - which is essentially a Deceiver with a Laser Dub head which fishes best on a jerk-strip type retrieve
A top water slider

That's six patterns and tied in mini or micro versions you could fish for any of the smaller fishes - panfish, trout, perch - and in bigger sizes target bass, carp, catfish, big trout, stripers or salmon, or even salty fish like redfish or bonefish.

I'd be really tempted to add a few more patterns to the mix - I have a fly I tied that I call the Soccer Hooligan, which is a Game Changer type body with a spun deer hair slider head. You get side to side wiggle in the body. If its fished on a floating line it wakes and dives under and pops back to the surface. If fished on a sinking line it will dive on a strip, then slowly swim toward the surface on a slack line pause.

Then I'd add in a crawfish pattern I tie on a jig hook with lead eyes, rabbit strip claws and a dubbed body - my fly rod stand in for a bass jig, tied on hooks from size 8 upto 2/0. If tied in neutral colors I think it would be eaten for a shrimp or crab by salty fish.

Lastly I think I'd add a Zonker type fly in, like a muddler with a Zonker strip, or one with a laser dub head.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 10:24 pm • # 23 
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I’m a fan of what I have heard called the stealth bomber always keep a few colors on hand on different sizes for bass and small sunfish

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