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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2022 1:43 pm • # 1 
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Greetings form the frozen tundra. So very nice to find a forum to help me wander into the abyss of the fishing addiction. I am the Ural Pilot. Or was. I am 66 and retired now from preaching....(never give the mic to an ex preacher!) and had open heart surgery. I will spare you the meat puzzle visions, but suffice to say, they messed up my right arm/hand/neck and chest. SO, I had to give up most all of my musical interests (played 11 instruments) sold them all....medical bills can be SO entertaining...never seen that many "0"s.) and am now trying to sort out how to continue fishing. Before my surgery I had 3 primary rods. A Winston 8' 4wt. A St Croix bait caster and a med St Croix spinning rod. Sold all 3 as I was unable to really pick them up, let alone use them, SO, I am here to figure out "budget friendly" 2, or maybe 3 wt LIGHT fly rods, and a super ultralight spinning rod/reel. Any suggestions beyond a stick and string would be very welcome. Thank you for the add, and I promise to pick up my socks.

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Welcome! Not sure what 'budget friendly' might mean, but given your adventures in the US medical system, I'm guessing the cheaper the better. I can highly recommend the Maxcatch 6' 1wt (which is actually a 2wt) at $50 as being well worth twice that. Not a premium, or even mid-value rod, and the fit/finish and stickers will impress nobody but for the price, its quite functional. I played and landed an 11" smallie first time out with it, and I was quite impressed (and entertained) by it.
(also from a still-frozen locale)

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The high was 85 here today, so spring's making its way north.

I can't be much help with inexpensive rods. I picked up a Shakespeare Micro Series outfit at Walmart a year or so back, but I have yet to fish it... It looks like fun, though. It was under 20 bucks.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2022 6:32 am • # 4 
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Not sure where “budget friendly” lands on the spectrum of your fly fishing expenditures but if I could have only one 2 wt to handle all my fly fishing needs it would be the Redington CT 2 wt. Fun with small fish and quite capable if you a hook a large fish. If that rod exceeded my budget I’d likely opt for a Maxcatch or watch for a Cabelas CGR sale. In both of the latter I’d look at getting at least a 2 wt or even a 3 wt for general fishing.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2022 10:53 am • # 5 
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I would spring for a short 3 wt, so you have some line mass to cast a decent fly but still very little weight in the rod - I have a couple 9 and 10 foot ultra lights that are heavier than a couple of my shorter 3-4-5 weights, so keep that in mind. The CGR 363 from Cabelas is a neat little rod for 70 bucks that nicely fits any inexpensive little reel you can find. A 2wt also isn't a bad idea. The problem with 0 and 1wt lines is that they are SO light they have trouble casting bigger flies or bucking the wind if the need arises. But they're out there. RDP has a few nice little rods available for reasonable prices too.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2022 5:27 pm • # 6 
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I would argue that the early generation CGRs were great rods for the money, but the quality control has gone downhill over the last decade and they feel very poorly made these days, though they are usually on sale for $60ish which is quite cheap

On balance for quality, lightness and price at the moment I'd go with this, in any of the three length/weight combos depending on goals:

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