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KYwonder sent me a PM about having a CCS database just for UL rods. This has been discussed before, but I never put it into action.
So, we will use this thread for the database.
I'll start another post below this one that will be for CCS numbers only. So, if you have numbers to submit, then please PM them to me so we can keep all the rods and numbers in one list rather than spread them out in a big long thread. That way I can just edit them into one post and keep them all in one spot.

If you are doing this test for the first time, be sure you are as consistent as possible. Be sure the handle/seat section of the rod is not able to move. If that part of the rod tilts at all the results will be skewed. Also for first timers, test the rod multiple times to be sure that your readings are consistent.


PS, I'm going to keep this thread locked so that it will be for CCS data only.

This is to help you decide which rod may be best for your needs. Here is a basic description of how the numbers work.

ERN; This is short for Effective Rod Number. This measures the power of the rod. It also helps to determine line weight.

1.00-1.99 1wt range.

2.00-2.99 2wt range.

3.00-3.99 3wt range.

4.00-4.99 4wt range.

5.00-5.99 5wt range.

AA; This is short for Action Angle, and describes the action of the rod ie, slow, medium, fast etc.

59 and under = Slow action.

60-63 = Medium action.

64-66 = Medium Fast action.

67 or higher is Fast to Extra Fast action. I'd say that 70 or more is extra fast.

Here is the link to the CCS main site, where you can learn about the system.

Here is the link to the main Database.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:48 am • # 2 
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American Tackle Martix: 6'6" 2pc 2wt. ERN: 1.92  AA: 55
Submitted by jkurtz7. Comments: This is a killer blank for the money and a real performer. Casts well in close yet has the power to get out to 50-60 foot range. You can really push this rod and it asks for more.

Cabelas Three Forks: 7'6" 3wt. ERN: 3.42  AA: 59/60
Submitted by Toledotimber Comments:

Dorber Lil Streamer: 5' 2PC. 2wt. ERN: 3.47  AA: 50
Submitted by Pearow  Comments:

Dorber 9' 2wt (Standard Blank) 2PC. ERN: 3.47  AA: 60
Submitted by jkurtz7  Comments: Not really a 2wt. Rod has lots of tip bounce, and the rod drops the back cast. Needs a 4wt line to tame the tip bounce. Doesn't generate much line speed, when pushed to get line speed the cast collapses. Not a very good rod taper.

Fenwick FF535:  5'3" 2PC. 5wt. ERN: 2.67   AA: 65 
Submitted by jkurtz7  Comments: A cool vintage glass rod that is really a 2/3wt rather than a 5wt.

Fenwick FF70:  7' 2PC. 5wt.  ERN: 3.72  AA: 62-63
Submitted by Lonefisherman  Comments: Casts SA Xps DT3F very well. Needs a lite reel to balance (like a Forbes Magnesium). Versatile rod, casts 4wt and 5wt lines well and cover any distance to 50'.

Greys GRXi:  7' 3PC. 2/3  ERN: 3.27  AA: 67
Submitted by Lonefisherman  Comments: Throws double midge indicator rig well.

Greys XF2 Streamflex: 10' 4PC. 2wt ERN: 2.67 AA: 59/60
Submitted by Joe C, Comments: I put on the 2wt and was able to cast accurately out to about 60’. I then put on the 3wt and found it too cast well. I was able to add another 5' to 8’ to the cast before it started to collapse. This rod flexes deep and I would call it a slow action. With the 2wt closer in, if you stop the cast high it will just float down very gently and will make a good dry fly midge rod. Closer in it was very accurate.

Kettle Creek: Mountain Trout. 9' 2/3wt. ERN: 3.86  AA: 62
Submitted by Pearow  Comments:

Lamiglas: Honey Colored E-glass blank; 7' 3pc 3wt.  ERN: 3.12  AA: 60
Submitted by jkurtz7. Comments: I love this rod. Smooth as silk, and casts extremely well in the 15-50 foot range. It's on the slow side of medium in action. Casts well with a 4wt line as well if you want to cast slightly heavier flies or for casting in very close. A very versatile rod that's capable of handling bass and small carp with ease. It's also very sensitive for glass and even small fish feel good on this one. One of my all time favorite blanks.

Orvis Superfine Tippet (RM version): 7'6" 2pc 3wt. ERN: 2.08 AA: 50
Submitted by jkurtz Comments: A classic Orvis design. Very slow. Sweet in short out to about 45 feet. Rod tested is the Rocky Mountain version but uses the same blank as the Superfine Premium.

Pac Bay: Tradition II. 6'6" 2pc 2wt.  ERN: 1.12  AA: 55
Submitted by jkurtz7  Comments: Nice little blank for the money. It falls into 1wt specs, but I never had a 1wt line while I had this rod, so I wasn't able to test it with one.

TFO Professional: 8' 3pc. 2wt.  ERN: 3.72    AA: 70   
Submitted by KYwonderer. Comments:

TFO Signature:     6' 2pc. 2wt.  ERN: 3.27    AA: 70   
Submitted by KYwonderer.  Comments:

TFO Signature FWSF 601 Spin/Fly:  6' 2PC. ERN: 3.27 AA: 60
Submitted by Lonefisherman. Comments: Makes a nice casting 2/3wt rod. Casts a DT-3F Peach very smoothly. Sliding rings on a Tennessee style cork handle.

TFO Finesse 1wt:  6'9" 4PC 1wt.  ERN: 2.38 AA: 63
Submitted by jkurtz7 Comments: As the ERN indicates, it makes a better 2wt than a 1wt. It's biggest benefit is that it packs down so small.

Winston Boron IIt (B2t) 8'0" 3wt. ERN: 1.44 (17 cents) AA: 58
weight: 2.73oz (nickel silver / burl wood reel seat weighs a ton)
Submitted by MakoML

Winston Boron IIt (B2t) 8'6" 4wt. ERN: 3.27 AA: 64
Submitted by MakoML

PostPosted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:16 am • # 3 
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Some new data. Thanks Chris!

Tenryu Fates StreamWalker FSW733-4, 7'3" 3wt 4-piece
ERN = 1.6 AA = 57
79% carbon, 21% glass

Tenryu Fates StreamWalker FSW793-4, 7'9" 3wt 4-piece
ERN = 1.6 AA = 57-58
79% carbon, 21% glass

Tenryu Fates Packer FP703-6, 7'0" 3wt 6-piece
ERN = 2.23 AA = 60
Actually measures 7'2"
70% carbon, 30% glass

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