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I thought I would add some alternatives for leader butts. For one reason or another I seem to find myself constantly trying new leaders in addition to tying my own. Here's a summary of what I tried and some quick observations. I have many hours with most of them so feel free to ask me any questions.

Orvis Braided - I've used Orvis braided leaders for a while and liked them except for the water spray on pickup. The newer ones from Orvis are somewhat better with not spraying water and I feel they lay down very delicately. There is almost no memory when they come off the reel. The braided leaders from Orvis are sized for 3 wt and up.

Cabelas Poly leader kit - They lay out nicely but not as delicately as the braided. This kit also had a variety of hover and slow to extra fast sinking butts that are fun to play with. The sinking leaders cast smoother then adding shot plus they seem to help cut through the wind. The light trout version is sized for 2-5 wt lines and are 5' in lengths. I use these a lot on my 3 and 4wt rods. The big drawback is that Cabelas stopped selling the individual leaders. Cabelas only sells the kit for $39.99. That reason alone has turned me off since I wear out the floating leader faster then the rest and then what? Fortunately, they last a long time and there are other options when the floating leader fails.

F-C furled leaders - they turn over nicely and don't spray badly on pickup. They have a small metal ring where you attach the tippet. The light trout comes in 3, 4, 5 & 6 foot lengths and sized for either 0-2 wt or 3-4 wt lines. That should be enough options for most people. They don't float as well as the Cabelas Poly leader. I've bought a number of items from Feather Craft and never had a problem. Take a look: http://www.feather-craft....egory_view&target=200

F-C CoPoly leaders - another poly version I've just started using. So far they seem fne but I'll report when I have more time with them on the stream. The light trout version is for 0 to 3 wt and 5' in length that comes with or without loops for attaching to line and tippet.

Blue Sky furled leaders were stiffer than my braided & F-C leaders and didn't turn over as softly for me but that was a few years ago and I did not try the UL versions. That's just Great! Now I have to buy something else.

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