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Sad to see this one go, but I have gotten too caught up in heavier gear these days.

Up for sale is one of my favorite UL rod/reel combos for creek panfish and trout.

The concept of the build was to make a rod that would follow Joe Robinson's [author of Piscatorial Absurdities] UL spin/fly build, which is essentially a UL rod that could be used for spinning and fly fishing.

The build is a RDP 6'6" 2wt Spin/Fly rod that breaks down into four pieces. This rod has a moderate to parabolic action, making it great for flip and fleur de lance casts. Here is a video of Joe performing his UL casts
This rod is happy with a 2-3 weight line and is very capable of throwing lures from 1-5g. I love using this spinning setup for UL cranks, UL bobber fishing, trout magnets, inline spinners and marabou jigs.


The rod epoxy pictured above has some minor bubbles, but it has no effect on the functionality of the rod whatsoever.

The guides used are ceramic Microwave Guides, which allows for superior line management for spin fishing, yet provides a large enough diameter guide for a 2-3wt line to slide through with ease.
The Tennessee style handle which allows the one to switch to spin or fly. I find that the cork grip does very well in cold weather, as it stays retains warmth better than your standard carbon reelseats.

For those who like to spey/skagit cast, I'll sometimes position the rod 2-3 inches above the butt to create a "micro skagit" rod.

Despite the larger first guide, the rod comes in at a featherlight ~60g [2.1oz] and collapses down to 20.5 inches, making it a great travel companion.


For the reel, we have a nicely tuned Daiwa 500c, an UL cult classic. It's in pretty prime condition, as seen in these pictures.
The gears have been polished, and it recently has gone through a cleaning and regreasing courtesy of me.
I've paired it with 4lb metered fireline. Weighing in at ~145g [5.1oz], it pairs very nicely with the rod, totalling out for a 205g [7.2oz] spin combo unspooled.
I use a bailess Daiwa 500c, so this was a backup that never really got fished with. If one would be interested having an authentic Threadlining experience, I would be open to selling the bailess one instead.

This rod has a lot of sentimental value as it has seen some incredible fish, but I have moved onto heavier gear, and would love for someone to provide this rod with the time on the water it deserves. While supplies to create the rod alone cost me shy of $200 (I blame the ceramic microwave guides :P), the experience in creating, refining, and using something as niche as Joe's style of UL casting was really fun.
Like they say, it's about the journey, not the destination

All in all, I'm asking for $130 shipped for this combo, but I am open to offers to those interested in getting into the sport of threadlining. This includes the Spin/Fly Rod, Daiwa 500c, and (surprise), a free spare tip blank section! [although I've never broken an RDP rod- their IM6 graphite has great durability]

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