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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:07 am • # 1 
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Hi folks,

Last week, I kept breaking my foam/toothpick strike indicators, probably due to the cold. So I borrowed some thing-a-ma-bobbers from a buddy. I liked using them (they were easy to adjust) but one way or another, I lost three of them. So, I went to buy him some more and was shocked to learn that they are $1-2 a piece! I had also borrowed some of his adhesive foam indicators. They are a lot cheaper but don't last very long and aren't adjustable.

Inspired by the frugal forum, I decided to pursue a better, cheaper indicator.

Now, yarn indicators aren't new...obviously. I see them at the shops. They are obnoxiously large and have a rubber band. Most get bad reviews because they are hard to cast. Worse yet, they cost around $1. A dollar for a piece of yarn?

So, I bought 50 yards of white polypropylene 4mm macrame yarn from the hobby store for $5 (the same as a 4 pack of yarn indicators). I tried numerous ways to attach a small piece to the leader. I was able to use small rubber bands to secure it but it was awkward to install and didn't seam secure. I nearly gave up but then remembered how I girth hitched the thing-a-ma-bobber to the leader. I wondered if it would work for the yarn. It did.

I simply made a girth hitch with the leader, inserted a small piece of yarn, and cinched it tight. The yarn could be adjusted almost as easily as the thing-a-ma-bobber. I then used a piece of velcro (rod holder on my vest) to fluff the yarn. It sometimes looks like a bunny leech but it works amazing (some folks asked if I had any luck with the bunny leech surface fishing the local pond).

The best part is, polypro floats. It doesn't even need floatant. So, I stuck a 12" piece on my lanyard and I have enough strike indicators for a dozen or more trips. It is ultimately flexible and adjustable. You can make the indicator as large or small as you want and place it anywhere on the leader. No toothpicks to lose. No fiddling with rubber bands. Lots of available colors. You need nothing but the yarn. And each strike indicator costs about 1/2 a cent. If you keep the piece small (<=1"), it is aerodynamic enough to not mess up the cast.

I'm sure others have thought of this already, but I was so excited that it worked so well that I had to share.

If nothing else, it's worth having as a backup in case you dump all your indicators in the river like I've done before!


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Good idea.

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